5 Tips on Moving From Denver

So you want to move from Denver, Colorado to a different state you just visited and loved?

We Buy Houses Denver

Here are our 5 tips on how you can move to your new dream home.

  1. It’s Harder To Sell A House Than It Is To Buy One

“It’s a buyer’s market.” Maybe you’ve heard that term being slung around a bit on the news. It’s the buyer’s who are currently controlling the deal, which makes it even harder on the sellers. When you’re the seller, you’re dependent on buyers to make the decision to purchase your home, and you have little to no control over what they do. It’s currently taking people an average of 7-9 months to sell their homes in the current market.

  1. Selling Your Denver Home

When you put your home up for sale, there’s no way to tell when it will sell and for how much. Worse of all, deals have a way of falling through. So don’t get discouraged if that happens. That’s what makes those “we buy houses Denver” signs so attractive. You’re able to get a pretty quick estimate from them on what your house is actually worth. And if you’re an inpatient as I am with the buyer’s market, they tend to be a good option to go with.

  1. Selling and Buying Can Be A Nightmare!

Selling a house as we just went over can be hard. Buying a house is also hard. Doing both at the same time can really begin to border on insanity. It’s hard to get approved for a new house while still technically owning one. It’s going to probably take more money out of pocket for you to put down a bigger sum on your new house to get approved.

  1. You Might Need To Downsize

Moving to a better location usually means the houses will be more expensive because more people want to live there. So make sure you are willing to downsize from your current situation if you’re unable to afford a more expensive property. A friend of mine went from a pretty large 6 bedroom house with 3 bathrooms to a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom townhouse in Washington, DC. It’s just part of the sacrifice you may have to make at first to live in these better areas.

  1. Take Time To Find A New Place

When looking for your new house, it might take a minute to find something you truly love and want to keep. Keep your options open. You might have to get an apartment temporarily until you find a good job and a good house in your new location. I know that doesn’t want everyone wants to hear. But they may very well be the reality of it. Getting a storage unit for your stuff that won’t fit into an apartment and living there temporarily for a few months won’t be the end of the world, I promise. And it’ll usually work out in the long run because it will give you time to really find the house you want.

The most important thing is to look towards the future. Selling and buying a home is never a piece of cake. Just remember, you aren’t doing it for that home selling/buying experience, you’re doing it for the experience you’re going to have in your new location. May it be where the better weather is, better people, better jobs, or even better food. That’s the whole point of it and we wish you the best in your newest adventure!

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